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How much do you actually know about Sandy? 

Posted by big_marketing on July 2, 2021

Did you know it’s referred to in the Domesday book as Sandeia? An import of the word Sandieg, meaning sand island. Surrounded by Sandhills cut by the River Ivel, it’s no wonder the RSPB based their headquarters here.

Have you been? The Lodge nature reserve offers an exceptionally rich experience in the woodland, heath and acid grassland. Ideal for keeping the kids quiet for a few hours on a Sunday… see if you can spot a spotted woodpecker. Its full of nature trails and hides for budding young photographers with their iphones and apps to recognise the birds when you don’t. 

In the south transept of St Swithun’s church in Sandy, stands a statue of Sir William Peel, a captain in the Royal Navy who held the Victoria Cross, the Order of the Bath AND the Legion d’honneur. He was involved in the siege of Sevastopol picking up a live shell with a burning fuse to throw it back at the Russians over the parapet. He also helped out the Grenadier Guards at the battle of Inkerman, protecting their colours, and later served during the Indian mutiny. Quite a character! He died of smallpox in 1858 aged just 33.

His brother also built the Swiss Cottage, which is now used as a visitor shop for the RSPB, so have a look for the plaque whilst you’re there?

His Dad was pretty famous too, any idea who that might be? Keep your eyes peeled.

You see, the thing about Sandy is that it’s a well kept secret. Only 48 miles from London, and with easy access to Cambridge and Bedford. The A1, M1 and train links are all ideal for commuting. In fact Sandy once had three railway stations. Two on the existing site, and another on the varsity line between Oxford and Cambridge until 1967, and there’s plans to bring it back in the mid 2020s under a new name – East West Rail.

 The countryside surrounding this special little town is perfect for family living. Average house prices are under £300,000 and the place has lovely a village type feel about it. 

Just take a look at the town hall!

It has to be one of the quirkiest buildings in town with its own bell tower and ornamental half timbered exterior. It was also never used as a town hall. The roundabout club now occupy it, and offer free entertainment, delicious cocktails and even sporting evenings to wet your appetite. (pic of town hall). Why not pop in during the euros? Suitably masked up of course, until you reach your seat. They reopen on July 4th

If you like a country walk, or a cycle ride, again, Sandy comes up trumps. There’s a beautiful track between Sandy and Bedford, which takes you past rivers, locks and lakes, and the whole town is surrounded by woods, heathland and brooks. And of course, theres always the sand hills just a stones throw away…

Next time you’re wondering what to do at the weekend, just take a stroll out of your front door, the place is teeming with interesting stories and activities. And of course, if you’re reading this and feeling WelJel, then come and move here, we have plenty of options to rent and to buy.  Call us on 01767  691122 for more details.

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