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7 mistakes to avoid when selling your home

Posted by big_marketing on February 13, 2024

We all know there’s a lot to consider when selling your home but there are some easy mistakes made when searching for the right buyer.

Take a look at some of the things that can be easily overlooked when selling — but are also just as simple to put right before the next potential owner comes to view your home.

1. First impressions matter – Don’t mess up

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Think about the first thing viewers will see when they arrive at your home, and whether there’s anything you can do to ensure the viewing starts on the most positive note possible.

You don’t want to lose a buyer’s interest before they’re even inside, so looking at the condition of the drive and garden (if you have them), and the exterior of your front door, can be important.

Viewers often make up their minds within the first 30 seconds, so the driveway, the front door paint and the condition of your front garden are more important than people realise- in some instances you have lost your buyer before they’ve even entered the property.

Some nice Spring bulbs, a quick mow of the lawn, or a clean drive can make all the difference.

2. Don’t leave clutter around

While we’re not talking empty rooms and walls here, buyers know someone has actually lived in it, but a more pared back tidier space will help buyers envisage how their own stuff might look inside.

Ideally hide everything away when the photographer comes – Viewers will see your home as close to a blank canvas as possible, but it will make the space look bigger! Investing in some temporary storage will also help potential buyers to focus on the home and space.

3. It’s not just a sales transaction. Don’t forget the emotion

From the moment they step in, potential buyers are walking through your home weighing up whether they can see themselves living there.

People are looking for a home, not a business or a ‘property’. It’s paramount that sellers appeal to the emotional side of their prospective buyers, and it doesn’t just feel like a transaction.”

Got an energy-efficient heating system and it’s a freezing-cold day? Pop it on for viewings so potential buyers can see just how toasty and warm your home gets. No one feels comfortable in a cold home, so get the heating on from the entrance hall and throughout the house, it will help people imagine themselves living there.

Also, if there are good local facilities, great schools and community

4. Don’t ignore the season

Make sure everything fits with the time of year you’re selling in, including how you prepare your home for viewings. For instance, if the weather’s starting to warm up and you’re normally lounging on an outdoor sofa in summer, set it up for viewings so buyers can see how you use the space.

5. Don’t renovate right before coming to market, but do fix any issues

Just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone else will.

You’ll want your home to look its best for viewings,  but it doesn’t make sense to make high-cost renovations right before listing it for sale.

It’s unlikely that you’ll recoup the cost as part of your selling price and it could end up being removed by the new owner as soon as you’ve handed over the keys.

By all means, if something needs replacing, or there are minor repairs, do that. But please don’t spend loads of money on an expensive new kitchen or bathroom fittings just before selling.

6. Don’t give pets the limelight

Some people just don’t like dogs. I know right?  But just as some potential buyers may not be dog (or cat, or anything else) lovers, sometimes your viewer might love your pet so much, that it ends up distracting them from the home they’re there to see.

And it’s unlikely you’ll be willing to part with your own pet as part of the sale…

We recommend to sellers to keep your pets out the way for viewings. Even if the potential buyer loves your pet, they will end up playing with them and not focusing on your house.

7. Don’t overlook your home’s best bits

Got a massive kitchen island?  A light flooded bedroom or a home office with a show-stopping view? There’s often a ‘best room’ in the house, so make sure this is decorated and presented to perfection to really accentuate it.

While everything might not be perfect, highlighting your property’s unique selling point can be the thing that will stick in a buyer’s mind long after they’ve visited for their viewing. Every home is unique and will have strengths and weaknesses – so make sure to lean into your home’s strengths.

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